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City of Blythe

The City of Blythe is a general law city which was incorporated in 1916.  It is located 225 miles east of Los Angeles and 150 miles west of Phoenix, Arizona.  The Colorado River embraces the east side of the Palo Verde Valley.  Agriculture and tourism are both very important to the economy of the Blythe area.



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City Hall

Mayor: Joseph DeConinck
235 North Broadway
Blythe, CA 92225
760-922-6161 | Fax: 760-922-8166

City of Blythe Demographics

Please click the link below to access the 2012 Riverside County Progress Report prepared by the Riverside County Center for Demographic Research.

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Southern California Edison
Southern California Gas Company
Blythe Cable
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Area Hospitals

Palo Verde Hospital

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School & Colleges

Palo Verde Unified School District
Palo Verde College
Desert Region Consortium