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Fourth District Community Improvement Designation (CID) Program


The Riverside County Board of Supervisors established the CID fund grant program in Fiscal Year 2005-06.  The purpose of the funds is to support valuable services and projects addressing needs in communities across Riverside County.  Each member of the Board of Supervisors has an approved CID allocation to be spent in their respective district.  Each district may establish its own criteria for selecting recipients of the discretionary CID funding.

The number and variety of funding requests have increased over the years and the annual CID funding allocation has been reduced significantly.  In order to provide guidance to those groups and organizations that may wish to request funds, guidelines and policies have been prepared for the allocation of funds.

Local organizations are welcome to apply for financial support through this program.  Applying for CID funds does not ensure that the request will be granted.  In the Fourth District, only organizations and activities that directly benefit the residents of the Fourth District and fall in one of the following three areas of focus will be considered for the 2019-2020 fiscal year: Veterans Services, Cultural Arts & Exchange, and Juvenile Justice.

Program Initiatives

Veterans Services Initiative: The Veterans Services Initiative assists programs or projects that help raise the quality of life for veterans and their families including, but not limited to: behavioral health services, transportation, education and housing.

Cultural Arts & Exchange Initiative: The Cultural Arts & Exchange initiative supports programs or projects that integrate arts, culture and design activities into efforts that strengthen communities.  Services include visual arts, literary arts, performing arts, poetry, dance, cultural workshops, music, theatre and more.  The initiative also supports exchange efforts with other countries and states.

Juvenile Justice Initiative: The Juvenile Justice Initiative supports programs or projects that aim to reduce recidivism by improving existing services for youth in areas of prevention and intervention, behavioral health services, and vocational education.

Eligibility Criteria

CID applications are classified as public records, and may be subject to request for copies by the media, the public or any other interested parties.

Every CID application is considered individually and on its own merit.

In the Fourth District, only organizations and activities that directly benefit the residents of the Fourth District and fall in one of the following three areas of focus will be considered: Veterans Services, Cultural Arts & Exchange and Juvenile Justice.

The Fourth District does not sponsor dinners, banquets, golf tournaments or similar events.

Funding is not immediately available to the recipient; please allow eight weeks for processing from date of submission.

The awarding of CID funds does not constitute an automatic annual allocation.

CID recipients are permitted to use Supervisor Perez’s name or likeness in promotion of their events or activities, however, it is imperative that our office is contacted for review and authorization.

CID funds must be spent as specified on the application and records may be requested by the Board of Supervisors or their designee to ensure the funds were used appropriately.

CID grants will not be awarded or announced within the 60 days before an election in which the awarding Supervisor is on the ballot.

The recipient shall provide a full accounting with documentation on the use of awarded funds.  All awards require a report back on how the money was spent within 60 days of the utilization of the funds.  If the award is not entirely spent in the fiscal year it was awarded and over $5,000, a report shall be submitted annually until the funds have been exhausted.  The recipient shall return to the county any funds not spent or documented per the signed agreement.

Please submit complete applications to:

Supervisor V. Manuel PerezRiverside County, Fourth DistrictAttn:  Esmeralda Perez73710 Fred Waring Drive, Ste. 222Palm Desert, CA  92260

Phone: 760-863-8211 | Fax: 760-863-8905 | Email:

For questions regarding the CID application or process, please contact Board Assistant Esmeralda Perez at 760-863-8211 or


 CID Fund Grant Evaluation Report (Required if Awarded Funding)