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The City of Indio is the largest and oldest city in the Coachella Valley.  Indio is nestled in the 640-square mile valley, cradled in the sun-drenched splendor and surrounded by mountain ranges and national parks.  Indio is a community of culture and heritage, family values and fun. Indio, the City of Festivals, offers a myriad of memorable experiences framed in a backdrop of desert beauty and an idyllic year-round climate.  Indio is one of Southern California’s most important agricultural regions as well, once responsible for a large percentage of the nation’s date crop.


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City Hall

Mayor: Lupe Ramos Amith
100 Civic Center Mall
Indio, CA  92202 



Chamber of Commerce

82-921 Indio Boulevard
Indio, CA  92201 


City of Indio Demographics

Please click the link below to access the 2012 Riverside County Progress Report prepared by the Riverside County Center for Demographic Research.
City of Indio Demographics


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